Soap Recipes

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Recipe BoxAlthough you can create your own recipes with the assistance of a soap calculator, when you are learning the craft it is much easier to use someone else's recipe until you completely understand the process.

If you use a tried and tested recipe and your batch of soap flops, then you know that it is your technique that is the problem. Combine inexperience with a new recipe and the cause of your flop is anyone's guess!

Melt and Pour Recipes

Melt and pour recipes tend to be more about what you can add to your soap to make it unique.

Personally I prefer to make my soap from scratch, but if you want to experiement with fragrances, textures and colors for your soap without worrying about whether or not your soap will trace properly, melt and pour recipes may be the way to go until you are more confident in you soap making skills.

Solid Opaque Cold Process Recipes

Opaque Lavender SoapThis is the type of soap I make most often.

The beauty of a good basic recipe for opaque soap is that you can change your soap very easily by varying the fragance and color or by adding additional ingredients after trace to change the texture of your soap.

Castille Recipes

Castille SoapThe term 'Castile Soaps' is generally used in English speaking countries to refer to soaps that are made entirely from vegetable oils rather than animal fats.

But often what soap-makers really mean when they use this term, is a soap made exclusively or predominately with Olive Oil.

Transparent Recipes

Transparent SoapIf you prefer transparent soaps you will find my favorite recipes on this page.

I most often use recipes for transparent soap when I want to add a feature to the soap, for example for children you can add small plastic toys or figurines.

Recipes for Liquid Soap

Liquid SoapAre you looking for liquid soap recipes?

Liquid soaps are great in the guest bathroom or by the kitchen sink! The recipes for this type of soap are slightly different to opaque soaps, as you use KOH rather than lye to make your soap.

For more information on making liquid soaps and some recipes, check out this page.

Recipes for Laundry Soap

Laundry SoapLaundry soaps are usually very similar to solid opaque cold process soaps with one or two extra ingredients to improve the 'dirt removal' properties of the soap.

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